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Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, having a high-performing theme ensures your website loads quickly, helps customers engage with your brand and, most importantly, improves your site conversions.

Meet Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme a super-fast, super-lightweight and super-stylish theme with impressive usability, both on the front and back end.

Easily customizable with a mobile-first and grid-based architecture, Conj is the ideal theme for creating an eye-catching webshop or a company website that will stand out from the crowd in 2019 and beyond.

✔ Conj is fully compatible with Gutenberg

Gutenberg is one of the biggest updates to WordPress since its launch 2002 and Conj has been developed to work perfectly with the new content editor.

You can build your new site quickly and organize your content ridiculously easily using our built-in Gutenberg blocks.

  • More flexibility for creating more complex content and layouts.
  • Every detail, big or small, is yours to customize!
  • A truly visual editing experience – WYSIWYG

✔ Conj is deeply integrated with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a highly customizable and totally dependable e-commerce plugin that powers more than 40 percent of all online stores. We’ve created Conj to be fully WooCommerce compatible, right out of the box.

  • Bulletproof against any conflicts during major core or plugin updates.
  • Products render beautifully on any device – phones, tablets or desktop monitors.
  • Choose from different customizations for a wide choice of design possibilities.

✔ Conj is GDPR compliant

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law introduced completely new standards for personal data protection. Conj has options that will help you comply with the GDPR, including compliant consent checkboxes, and we don’t collect your data either.

  • GDPR consent checkboxes.
  • Cookie-related disclosure options.
  • Option to opt out of using Google Web Fonts.

✔ Conj has a solid foundation

Our theme is built on Underscores – a starter theme created by the actual developers of WordPress – to provide a solid foundation of code that adheres to the latest WordPress code quality standards. We’ve steered clear of a clunky additional theme options panel, instead delivering a powerful Customizer API.

  • Preview all changes without switching windows or refreshing the browser.
  • Make your updates go live or schedule them to be released at a later time.
  • Speedy setup and installation process.
  • Modify any component within the child theme.

✔ SEO friendly

Conj is a highly customizable, search engine friendly WordPress theme.

  • Responsive design.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • Uses Google Fonts for improved typeface readability.

✔ Conj offers Google Analytics integration

Conj gives you the option of easily adding a Google Analytics tracking code to show how much traffic your website receives, where that traffic is coming from and how visitors are interacting with your site once they arrive.

  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking.
  • Up-to-date stats in one place.
  • Simple steps to install.

✔ Conj meets WordPress quality standards

We are proud to display an Envato WP Requirements Compliant Badge – awarded to authors that meet Envato’s requirements for quality of standards in WordPress themes. Meeting requirements confirm that:

  • Conj has been tested to ensure all necessary components are styled properly.
  • Conj does not transmit any data to a third-party server.
  • Conj does not advertise or up-sell premium services.

✔ Conj offers a helping hand

We offer in-depth support and design integration, so you can build the website you want and have it look the way you want it to look.

  • 6 months technical support.
  • Full documentation.
  • Free monthly updates crammed full of new features and blocks.

✔ Free companion plugin

We have developed a companion plugin – the Conj PowerPack – packed full of additional features and bundled with the theme for free.

  • Import whole demo content.
  • Theme has zero dependencies to third-party plugins

Key features

Flexible CSS grid Header search field
Demo content install Sticky header
Demo files included Homepage components
Schema markup Fluid template
Color scheme Layout alignment
Google web fonts Credits removal
Based on Underscores Footer background image
Footer bar Aside post format
Google Maps API Image post format
Google Analytics integration Video post format
Contact info widget Quote post format
Instagram feed widget                               Gallery post format
Social network icons widget Audio post format
Promo box (image ads) widget Link post format
Affiliate product support Status post format
Slider post type Chat post format
Hero product Gutenberg built-in blocks
Product share buttons Unlimited header layout
Product pagination WooCommerce Ajax search integration
Checkout layout Tight WooCommerce integration
Two-step checkout JetPack integration
Distraction free checkout JetPack infinite scroll support
Sticky order review MailChimp newsletter integration
Featured reviews Site verification tools
Sticky add to cart WPML compatible
Cookie consent notice Child theme ready
Mega Menu Translation ready
Product details customizer SEO optimized
Product quick view Page title toggle
Push Menu Site header toggle
Handheld Menu Site footer toggle
Social network menu RTL language support
Header media HiDPI / Retina ready
Header customizer Well documented
Custom related products Premium support
WooCommerce product brands integration     Continuous free updates

Gutenberg blocks

Accordion​ ​Image​
Alert Logos​
Animated Hero MacBook​
Button Media & Text
Call to Action Paginated​
Card Parallax​
Colorful Dividers​ Pressed Button​
Columns​ Products​
​Countdown​                                                       Products List​
Cover​ Quote​
Divider​ ​Radial Dividers​
Dual Button​ Table​
Fancy Heading​​​​ Tags​​
Features​ Text​​​
Gallery​​ Tweet​​​​
Google Maps​​​​ Zebra Dividers​​​​​

Integrated and supported 3rd party plugins:

If you would like to build your own store as seen in our live preview (demo), you’ll need to add a few of the following plugins, depending on which feature you may want to have on your site. The plugins listed below are optional and supported by the theme:


Due to copyright restrictions, all images downloaded via demo import are pixelated and their quality reduced on purpose.

Latest Changelog

= 1.3.2 =

* Fix: Minor adjustment in mini-cart widget.
* Fix: Core "File" block download button style.
* Fix: Empty header spacing in "Accordion" block.
* Feature: Customized REST API /products endpoint.
* Feature: Customized REST API /products/categories endpoint. 
* Feature: Google Analytics integration.
* Feature: Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking features.
* Feature: Google Search Console site verification.
* Feature: Bing Webmaster Center site verification.
* Feature: Pinterest site verification.
* Feature: Yandex site verification.
* Feature: Back to top toggle visibility control.
* Feature: Custom related products field.
* Feature: Custom add to cart button text.
* Feature: Cookie consent privacy EU notice.
* Feature: Gutenberg template support in slider post type.
* Feature: Gutenberg "Button" block.
* Feature: Gutenberg "Products List" block.
* Feature: Gutenberg "Tweet (Click to tweet)" block.
* Feature: Alignment settings "Fancy Heading" block.
* Feature: Alignment settings core "Image" block.
* Feature: Alignment settings core "Button" block.
* Feature: Alignment settings core "Paragraph" block.
* Feature: Theme and companion plugin update notification.
* Feature: Reflect form and general layout styling to JetPack blocks.
* Feature: Dynamically update block editor layout and styling on page template change.
* Update: Language file.
* Update: Plugin settings page styling.
* Update: One-click demo selection page styling.
* Update: One-click demo import files.
* Update: Gutenberg editor styles.
* Update: `Jarallax` JS plugin to version 1.10.7
* Tweak: WooCommerce star review font-size.
* Tweak: Adjustment in core "Spacer" block resize handle.
* Tweak: Responsive text alignment classes are using the same viewport width breakpoints as the grid system.
* Tweak: Adjustment in WooCommerce additional reviews tab.
* Tweak: Adjustment in WooCommerce breadcrumbs.
* Tweak: Gutenberg "MacBook" block badge style.
* Tweak: Gutenberg "Dual Button" block alignment style.
* Tweak: Gutenberg "Pressed Button" block circle variation style.
* Tweak: RTL (Right-to-left) language styling.
* Tweak: TGMPA admin notice style.
* Remove: Slider post type metabox - post featured image.
* Remove: Slider post type metabox - Button text field.
* Remove: Slider post type metabox - Button URL field.
* Remove: Slider post type metabox - Button URL target checkbox.
* Compatibility: JetPack 6.9
* Compatibility: WordPress 5.0.3
* Compatibility: Gutenberg 4.8.0
* Compatibility: WooCommerce Stripe gateway 4.1.14

= 1.3.1 =

* Fix: Typo in JavaScript file handle.
* Fix: Extra spacing in quote block.
* Fix: Font-size in code block.
* Tweak: Prepended `use-strict` to all JavaScript files. 
* Compatibility: WordPress 5.0.2
* Compatibility: Gutenberg 4.7.1

= 1.3.0 =

* Fix: Spacing between post pagination and comments form. 
* Fix: Duplicate post publish and modified time tag.
* Fix: Quick view add-to-cart button spacing.
* Fix: Quick view image positioning.
* Fix: Quick view price label alignment in Safari.
* Fix: Quick view variation select field styling.
* Fix: Submenu overlaps the non-sticky sidebar widgets.
* Fix: WooCommerce notice spacing in cart and checkout pages.
* Fix: Spacing in WooCommerce affiliate product buy button.
* Fix: Spacing between product reviews.
* Fix: Gutenberg "Dual buttons" mobile spacing.
* Fix: Quote post format blog loop style.
* Fix: Audio post format blog loop style.
* Fix: Video post format blog loop style.
* Fix: Classic editor toolbar alignment.
* Fix: Align wide and full positioning in post editor.
* Fix: Footer and slider background image URL.
* Feature: Gutenberg "Products" block.
* Feature: Responsive embedded content support.
* Feature: Single media view page design.
* Feature: Reflect site-wide typography settings in Gutenberg editor.
* Feature: Reflect site-wide color scheme in Gutenberg editor.
* Feature: Reflect blog post styling to Gutenberg post edit view.
* Feature: Quick view background color control.
* Feature: Quick view featured image background color control.
* Feature: UTC time-zone support - "Countdown" block.
* Update: Language file.
* Update: One-click demo import files.
* Update: Gutenberg editor styles.
* Tweak: Gutenberg "Countdown" calendar module style.
* Tweak: Gutenberg (core) "Archive" block style.
* Tweak: Gutenberg (core) "Category" block style.
* Tweak: Gutenberg (core) "Latest posts" block style.
* Tweak: Gutenberg (core) "Comments" block style.
* Tweak: RTL (Right-to-left) language styling.
* Tweak: Styling in IE 11 (Internet Explorer) browser.
* Tweak: Styling in Edge browser.
* Tweak: Vendor browser prefixes in all CSS files.
* Compatibility: Post formats.
* Compatibility: WordPress 5.0.1
* Compatibility: JetPack 6.8.1
* Compatibility: Gutenberg 4.6.1
* Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.5.2
* Compatibility: MailChimp for WordPress 4.3.2
* Compatibility: Converted demo pages/posts content to blocks.

Click here to view the full changelog in details.



135 sales
as of enero 28, 2019
Last Update January 15, 2019, 12:26 am
Gutenberg Optimized Yes
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Compatible Browsers Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With WooCommerce 3.5.x, WooCommerce 3.4.x, WooCommerce 3.3.x, WooCommerce 3.2.x, WooCommerce 3.1.x, WPML, ReactJS
Framework Underscores
Software Version WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x
Columns 4+